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Argopoint's clients are general counsels and other leaders of corporate legal organizations at some of the world’s most established and successful companies. Argopoint improves in-house legal department performance and efficiency at Fortune 500 companies.


Our Clients

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Some of the largest business and non-profit organizations in the world are our clients, including:   

  • two of the top ten largest legal departments in the US
  • four of the Fortune 20
  • five Global 50 multi-nationals
  • a 400+ attorney in-house legal department
  • two of the FTSE 20
  • the largest not-for-profit organization in the US
  • the largest company in the world

Our clients are typically general counsels and other senior leaders of corporate legal organizations.  We also work with leaders who are collaborating closely with the legal department, such as finance, sourcing leaders, or corporate boards.

 We have advised clients across a range of industries including:

  • financial services
  • insurance
  • pharmaceuticals & healthcare
  • life sciences and biotech
  • energy, natural resources, utilities
  • consumer products
  • technology (hardware & software)
  • retail
  • media & publishing
  • on-line and internet services
  • manufacturing
  • transportation
  • higher education

The companies who choose to work with Argopoint are involved in a broad range of industries and face an almost unimaginable array of legal challenges. However, across this diversity, our clients tend to be bold, ambitious leaders:

  • They understand and act like the legal department is a business
  • They are not satisfied with the status quo
  • They see the big picture, but rather than fly at 10,000 feet, they want to get specific and focused on discrete opportunities
  • They seek to drive to improved results faster than expectations
  • They understand outside perspective and capabilities can help to push their legal organization to it's very best

Understanding where your department is on the journey, and how progress on that path can be accelerated is a critical first step.  Argopoint's expertise and knowledge of leading departments "best-practices" are reasons why legal department leaders speak to us first when they want to get started.   Meaningful, sustainable improvements are not easy in the complex in-house legal context - an early conversation with an objective outside expert can improve the chances of success significantly.