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Argopoint LLC was founded in 2005 with the goal of improving corporate legal department performance at leading Fortune 500 companies through innovative management consulting strategies. We are a legal department consulting company dedicated to helping leading corporate legal departments with their most important management challenges. Our mission is to improve the effectiveness of even the most adept and sophisticated legal organizations. Companies who choose to partner with Argopoint work in a wide range of industries and face an incredibly diverse set of legal challenges. Argopoint serves a number of the largest legal departments in the world as a trusted authority, providing superior management, business advice and support.  Our clients include the world’s leading healthcare companies, the most respected institutions in financial services, household name consumer products corporations, dynamic energy companies, twenty-first century media multi-nationals, technology firms whose innovations disrupt and transform our lives for the better, and countless other organizations. The lasting relationships developed at Argopoint reflect our reliable high caliber delivery, along with our collaborative and energetic culture.  Please note, Argopoint, LLC is not a law firm; it does not offer, and is not authorized to provide, legal advice or counseling in any jurisdiction.  Argopoint, LLC is a management consulting firm and not a CPA firm: we do not provide attest services, audits, or other engagements in accordance with standards established by any public accounting regulatory authority in any jurisdiction.


We develop multiple actionable plans for our clients in order to collaboratively discover the single best answer for each individual client. We thoroughly assess and evaluate every client’s unique situation and environment to arrive at a solution supported by facts, data and industry insight. The Argopoint approach integrates fact-based analysis, sound business judgment and a focus on timely implementation through collaboration, data-driven analysis, actionable recommendations and focused results.  Our expertise is legal department management.  This is a broad field – and as varied as our clients.  We support our clients with legal department productivity and efficiency enhancement, outside counsel management (and law firm rfp processes), legal technology assessment (including ebilling rfp and matter management rfp processes), legal department benchmarking, legal analytics and legal metrics (supported by “decision grade data”), legal sourcing (and law firm sourcing), and legal department best-practices and kpi’s.  We strive to provide our clients with the tools and processes needed to secure the best possible legal representation according to their needs and to drive efficiency within their organizations. While our expertise is specialized, we pride ourselves on, and are committed to, being openly transparent with our clients about our approach, data analysis and the supporting evidence that is at the root of all our recommendations. 

Argopoint provides world class, customized management consulting services to support senior executives in leading legal departments at Fortune 500 companies to increase the value of the legal services and outcomes they provide. We understand that each corporate legal department faces their own unique challenges that require situation-dependent strategies. Legal departments differ based on variables such as size, nature and volume of their legal needs and work; our experience in the legal environment is that no two legal departments are ever the same. We combine fact-based analytics with extensive industry experience to deliver tailored and actionable solutions that can be implemented to provide measurable, timely impact. Argopoint consultants are experienced professionals who work with general counsels and legal department leaders in a variety of areas.  The general counsel, the office of the general counsel, legal department leaders (and legal department operations managers) face an array of legal department challenges.  Increased legal costs (including outside counsel cost increases), headcount restrictions, stagnant legal department productivity, and institutional inertia are roadblocks inhibiting the modern corporate legal department from achieving its full potential.  Improved legal department, outside counsel management (and law firm rfp processes), legal technology assessment (including ebilling rfp and matter management rfp processes), legal department benchmarking, legal analytics (legal metrics), legal sourcing (law firm sourcing), are but some (and no means all) of the avenues open to innovative legal department leaders seeking meaningful improvement.  We have a depth of legal service-specific knowledge that helps department leaders manage their organization effectively and efficiently.