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Argopoint serves as a trusted advisor to legal department leaders at some of the world's most influential businesses and institutions.

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Trusted Advisors to Legal Department Leaders

Argopoint, founded in 2005, is a management consultant to Global 500 and Fortune 500 corporate legal departments.  We improve the performance of even some of the world's most sophisticated legal departments through innovative management consulting strategies.

We help legal department leaders with their most important management challenges.  Argopoint has been a pioneer in this field of management consulting and are well positioned as leaders in the marketplace.

Our clients are among some of the largest business and non-profit organizations in the world, including: two of the top ten largest legal departments in the US, four of the Fortune 20, five Global 50 multi-nationals, a 400+ attorney in-house legal department, two of the FTSE 10, and the largest not-for-profit organization in the US.  We have advised clients across a range of industries including financial services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, energy & utilities, consumer products, managed care, technology (hardware & software), media, on-line services, higher education, and retail.  Our clients are among the most trusted and admired businesses in the world.

Corporate legal consulting is a (relatively) new area of consulting; Argopoint is committed to driving innovation and impact in our field. We have a strong, sustainable decade-long track record serving sophisticated in-house departments driving meaningful improvement opportunities.

The Argopoint approach integrates fact-based analysis, sound business judgment and timely implementation of actionable recommendations.  

External pressure on corporate legal departments are escalating while the internal corporate demands to reduce  costs is also intensifying - creating a challenging position for legal department leaders.

To help our clients, we thoroughly assess and evaluate every client’s unique situation to arrive at a solution supported by data and industry insight. We typically develop multiple actionable plans for our clients to review in order to collaboratively discover the single "best" answer for each client.

Argopoint's expertise is legal department management.  This is a broad field – and as varied as our clients. We support our clients with legal department productivity and efficiency enhancement, outside counsel management (and the law firm rfp processes), legal technology assessment, legal department benchmarking, legal analytics and legal metrics (supported by “decision grade data”), legal sourcing (and law firm sourcing), legal operations, and legal department best-practices. 

We provide our clients with tools and processes to drive greater effectiveness and efficiency within their legal organizations and legal operations

Please note, Argopoint is a management consulting firm, not a law firm (no legal advice is provided) or a CPA firm (no audits or attest service are provided).

Argopoint provides world-class, management consulting services to senior executives in legal departments at Global and Fortune 500 companies to increase the value of the legal services and outcomes.

We understand that each corporate legal department faces their own unique challenges that require situation-dependent solutions. Legal departments differ based on variables such as size, nature and volume of their legal needs and work. Our experience is that no two legal departments are exactly the same. 

 Argopoint consultants work with general counsels and legal department leaders in a variety of areas. The general counsel, the office of the general counsel, legal department leaders (and legal operations managers) face an array of legal department challenges.  Increased legal costs (including outside counsel cost increases), headcount restrictions, sub-optimal legal department productivity (and legal operations complexity), and institutional inertia are roadblocks inhibiting many corporate legal departments from achieving their full potential. 

Optimized legal department strategy and management are critical avenues to drive  legal department innovation and  meaningful improvement.  

Argopoint's depth of corporate legal department  knowledge helps department leaders achieve their goals in less time and with higher impact, ultimately increasing the value the legal function. In today's legal environment, this is more important than ever.