Legal Techology Assessment

Legal department leadership must assess legal technology and manage it effectively in this rapidly evolving market.  Argopoint does not sell technology nor are we aligned with any vendors, we are able to offer objective, unbiased advice. 

Legal Technology Assessment

Legal Technology Assessment: Objectives

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Corporate legal departments realize that technology may be a key spend associated with many of their legal services—that does not mean they have time to critically assess the technologies in use. Technology can quickly become obsolete and lose its value. Legal department leadership must manage technology in this rapidly evolving market. It is therefore imperative that the management of corporate legal groups understand how their current use of technology “stacks up” in this rapidly evolving market in order to best manage the use of technology within their department.

Legal Technology Assessment: Overview

Technology can play an important role within corporate legal departments. Legal technology is key in multiple areas, including workflow management, e-discovery management, document review, e-billing administration and hosting capabilities. Because we do not sell technology, nor are we aligned with any vendors, we are able to offer objective, unbiased advice—a rarity in today’s crowded technology marketplace. Argopoint evaluates clients’ real needs in order to identify the most appropriate solutions.

Legal Technology Assessment: Solutions and Savings

Our experience allows us to fully understand the elements of technology that are imperative in the corporate legal setting. 

We begin any Technology Assessment the same way—by diagnosing the strengths and weaknesses of a corporate legal group’s existing hardware and software. We then collaborate with clients to account for inter-departmental perspectives on the current use of technology in our analysis. Finally, we work with our clients to tailor a technology plan that best address the unique needs of their legal departments. 

Among the results that our Technology Assessments yield are:

  • Identification of inefficiencies in the current practice of technology within corporate legal departments
  • Increased productivity through the targeting of cost-saving and quality-enhancing technology solutions
  • Formal plan to improve department's legal technology
  • Redefinition of the role of key legal department technology to ensure optimal positioning of technology for the future

Understanding where your department is on the journey, and how progress on that path can be accelerated is a critical first step.  Argopoint's expertise and knowledge of leading departments "best-practices" are reasons why legal department leaders speak to us first when they want to get started.   Meaningful, sustainable improvements are not easy in the complex in-house legal context - an early conversation with an objective outside expert can improve the chances of success significantly.