Legal Consulting

Many corporate legal departments wish to compare their current outside counsel firms against other viable alternatives. Argopoint has developed a process to identify and highlight outside law firms (and non-law firm providers) of the highest quality who also offer superior economics.

Legal Consulting

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Legal Consulting: Objectives

A primary avenue through which Argopoint consultants provide industry-leading quality legal consulting to in-house legal departments of Fortune 500 companies is by matching them with the external law firms that are best suited to the company’s needs. The in-house legal department of a large corporation is sometimes not equipped to handle legal casework that may arise from matters regarding properties, mergers and acquisitions, labor law, or tax work. In such a case, Argopoint can assist and advise the legal department by finding the outside firm or firms that best fit the requirements for the matter at hand, in terms of both quality and value.

Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.
— Peter F. Drucker, Leading 20th Century Management Thinker

Legal Consulting: Overview

Argopoint legal consultants have extensive experience identifying and presenting the best outside counsel options to the in-house legal department legal leadership. The legal consulting services provided by Argopoint cover extensive research on every potential option, and use a proven process to evaluate each external firm on both the quality of services that they have historically provided and the total costs that contracting their services will impose on the in-house legal department.

Legal Consulting: Solutions and Savings

Argopoint’s legal consulting services add additional value by continuing to manage the relationship between the in-house legal team and the outside counsel’s engagement. Argopoint legal consultants assist the General Counsel’s team in several ways, including the creation of outside counsel guidelines to ensure that the external counsel is maximizing their benefit to the client department. Our trusted team of consultants is particularly experienced in identifying and quantifying the exact benefits that outside counsel either provide or have the ability to provide, and put together that information in a concise and cohesive manner for easy access by the leadership of the in-house legal department. Such quantification, which can be time consuming and expensive for an in-house team or external counsel to produce, is provided by Argopoint’s legal consulting services at an excellent value. 

Legal Consulting: Summary

Argopoint’s commitment to providing the top quality legal consulting for all engagements can extend throughout an outside counsel’s contract, at the discretion of the in-house legal department leadership. The team of legal and management consultants that provide Argopoint’s services collect extensive and invaluable data which allows the client’s leadership to make quick and informed decisions. In addition to providing data, Argopoint consultants can analyze and advise the in-house legal department’s leadership. Our consultant’s extensive industry experience guarantees that all potential options will be weighted and the best course of action for any prospective problem will be found.


Questions for Corporate Legal Departments Considering Legal Consulting Services

  1. What is your legal department's current process for evaluating different prospective firms?
  2. How equipped is your in-house legal team to research potential firms?
  3. What kind of legal work will be required of an outside counsel, and what are the specialties of each firm under consideration?
  4. Is there a process by which your legal department can quantify and grade each external firm on quality, cost, and services offered?
  5. Does the in-house management have a strategy for maintaining the client-counsel relationship and ensuring that all decisions regarding representation are made appropriately?