eDiscovery RFP

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e-Discovery Request for Proposal (RFP)

e-Discovery RFP: Overview

Selecting the right e-discovery provider has never been more important - from both a quality and cost perspective. And since digital information only continues to grow - this is now more critical than ever to get right. 

An e-discovery Request For Proposal (RFP) is a specialized solicitation and management tool designed to capture an e-discovery provider's capabilities, experience, and cost competitiveness.  An effective e-discovery RFP can compare each vendor in a standardized, data-driven manner in order to find the e-discovery vendor that best fits a legal department's requirements.

Argopoint's experience with the e-discovery RFP process helps us assess the optimal e-discovery vendor for our client's needs - and can save clients 10-40% on the total cost of ownership.

e-Discovery RFP: Objectives

A comprehensive and detailed e-discovery RFP is necessary to accurately assess the gap between a legal department's needs and an e-discovery vendor's capabilities.

 Many legal departments find outside expertise and assistance beneficial for some or all the e-discovery RFP process. A consultant with knowledge of legal technology can conduct a technology assessment to diagnosis needs and develop a strategy and a technology road-map for the department. A consultant may also be helpful in the vendor selection process. Since there are always multiple options, a consultant can assist with the process evaluating proposals, and, as needed, create ROI financial model to measure costs and validate needed investments.

e-Discovery RFP: Solutions and Savings

 Argopoint take a strategic approach to e-discovery technology planning.  This involves mapping client requirements, understanding the options available in the market, identifying what is actually needed, and evaluating the proposed system’s actual ROI.  We help clients avoid expensive mis-steps, evaluate technology on a timely basis,  and recommend the best technology to yield the desired long-term benefits.

Argopoint's industry-leading e-discovery RFP process and consulting offers substantial time and cost savings for in-house counsel during the evaluation process.  We are typically able to ensure the best solution is chosen and save clients 10-40% on the best system.