eBilling RFP

Many General Counsels are seeking greater predictability surrounding the legal costs. A popular option within the wide range of alternative fees is paying for legal services by task (instead of by the hour).

eBilling Request for Proposal (RFP)

eBilling Request for Proposal (RFP): Objectives

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For many corporate legal departments, cost savings can be found in better management of outside counsel billing and invoices. Selecting an electronic billing (eBilling) solution that accurately addresses a legal department's needs and requirements is crucial to maximizing the effectiveness of the legal department. However, comprehensive evaluation of eBilling solutions can be a time-consuming process for which many legal departments simply do not have the time or resources. For this reason, Requests For Proposals (RFPs) are a powerful tool to facilitate the eBilling solution evaluation process.

Argopoint's expertise and experience with the entire RFP process, from evaluating a legal department's objectives to analyzing the RFP data to make decision-grade recommendations, can be a major benefit for a corporate legal department. Contact us to learn more about eBilling RFP >>

eBilling Request for Proposal (RFP): Overview

There are a large variety of potential eBilling software solutions on the market today. Selecting the right one, one that best fits a Fortune 500 legal department's needs and requirements, must be a rigorous, data-driven process that both accurately and precisely captures the legal department's needs and requirements, and strenuously and thoroughly evaluates the capabilities of a potential eBilling solution.

RFPs enable client organizations to directly compare not only the differing costs in eBilling solutions, but also the differing capabilities. Many features and characteristics offered in a potential software package can be overwhelming, and a clear solution depends on both technological and personnel factors, and long-term department objectives. Given the diverse yet highly specific challenges that each legal department faces, it is paramount to objectively evaluate the differing options on the market to find the one that addresses the department-specific requirements.

eBilling Request for Proposal (RFP): Solutions and Savings

At Argopoint, our goal is to provide corporate legal departments with the tools necessary to find the best possible technology solutions. Our strategy evaluates the department-specific needs and matches them with the appropriate software capabilities to improve effectiveness and enhance efficiency.  The data collected in ebilling RFPs (Request for Proposals) provides our clients with a nuanced understanding of how well a vendor's proposal is able to address their specific needs.  We ensure transparency in communications and a comprehensive process from the questions asked to the scoring.  In addition, the ebilling RFP process allows clients to evaluate costs on an apples-to-apples basis, equipping them with the information to make informed cost cutting decisions.