Strategic Involvement

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Community Service: A Non-Traditional Professional Development Path

Strategies for Professional Growth in the Volunteer Sphere

Volunteering within the community allows for the creation of long lasting ties and the cultivation of personal skills.  With an efficient strategy, it is possible for you to both give back to the community as well as sharpen and develop new skills through a non-traditional professional development path.  When volunteering effectively, a strategic plan allows you to get ahead by helping a hand- a win-win.

An effective volunteering strategy provides the opportunity to realize and develop goals, demonstrate value, and continually expand both your network and your skillsets.  Being actively involved in the community with a specific strategy lends itself to personal and professional development.

How do I want to grow?

The very nature of volunteer work does include a degree of sacrifice.  Volunteer work, by nature involves work with no monetary compensation.  While you can derive satisfaction from helping the community, to optimize the value from any volunteer work, it is important to choose an area that genuinely interests you.  If the volunteer work becomes a drag, this will turn into slacking off and cutting corners sooner rather than later.  Genuine interest in volunteer work facilitates a genuine desire to improve both yourself and the people around you.  

What skills do I have? What skills do I need?


Personal growth through volunteering requires a multifaceted strategy to ensure continued growth of existing skills and cultivation of new ones.  Finding the right volunteer opportunity that affords you this opportunity can be difficult at first, but maximizing returns on volunteer work makes this step crucial.  A little extra effort in the beginning of the process creates a solid foundation for exponential growth moving forward in your volunteer opportunity.

Do I have a strategy that allows for adaptation? Avoiding turning opportunities into failures.

The development and implementation of a volunteering strategy is crucial to the successful completion of personal goals.  However, as in many areas of professional and personal development, deviating from a plan when necessary allows for new opportunities and varied trajectories for growth.  Evaluating the strategy created and testing the flexibility of it proves to be immensely valuable in the long run.  Having an overly rigid strategy turns opportunities into failures.  Choosing a different path can be rewarding, but if personal perceptions intervene, a missed checkpoint on your preset path can seem like a failure.  Instead, develop strategies for differentiating opportunities for divergence from strategies that provide high ceilings for personal growth.  Altering strategies for the right opportunity can create a domino effect for skill development and open doors that were previously locked.

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The real development I’ve seen of people in organizations comes from their being volunteers in a nonprofit organization—where you have responsibility, you see results, and you quickly learn what your values are.
— Peter F. Drucker, Leading 20th Century Management Thinker