Legal Technology Implementation

Many General Counsels are seeking greater predictability surrounding the legal costs. A popular option within the wide range of alternative fees is paying for legal services by task (instead of by the hour).

Legal Technology Implementation

Legal Technology Implementation: Objectives

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Corporate legal departments have long sought to improve efficiency and better manage increasingly complex data as well as outside counsel relationships. Oftentimes, the improved efficiency provided by legal technology solutions are well worth the investment. Purchasing new legal technology can be a complex and arduous task.  The complexity of the legal technology market creates a difficult process for legal departments wishing to implement new technology systems, which often leads to uninformed decisions and subsequent inefficiencies within corporate legal departments.

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Innovation requires major effort. It requires hard work on the part of performing, capable people- the scarcest resource in any organization.
— Peter F. Drucker, Leading 20th Century Management Thinker

Legal Technology Implementation: Overview

With the complexity of the legal technology market, legal departments tend to have difficulty in implementing new legal technology.  This stems from difficulties in various stages of the process, from identifying viable technology solutions to choosing the correct platform, to the implementation and transition to the new legal technology.  Because we are not aligned with any vendors, nor do we sell technology, we are able to provide a rare service in today's competitive and crowded technology marketplace: objective, unbiased evaluation.  In giving our clients an objective overview of the legal technology market, we provide the means to selecting the appropriate technology solutions for clients' specific needs.

Legal Technology Implementation: Solutions and Savings

Our experience in legal technology implementation has shown the difficulty in legal technology selection and implementation.  We have identified critical aspects in the implementation process that have ensured smooth transitions from one legal technology platform to another.  Legal technology implementation requires not only the selection of the proper legal technology that fits a legal department's needs, but  also requires making sure staff members are trained to use the legal technology and derive the maximum benefits from the platform.  Argopoint recognizes these key problems and customizes our process to reflect these difficulties, ensuring maximum savings and efficiency in the implementation of new legal technology.

Questions for Corporate Legal Departments Considering Legal Technology Implementation

  1. What strategies are employed by your legal department to avoid the canned marketing pitches when evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of prospective vendors?
  2. What is your legal department's current process for evaluating different prospective vendors and technology platforms?
  3. Has your legal department attempted to transition to various different technology vendors in the past, only to encounter more issues than initially anticipated?
  4. Does your legal department follow a systematic process for transitioning to new legal technology platforms to ensure maximum utility?