Legal Process Outsourcing

Generals counsels seeking greater transparency into legal costs, consistent billing practices, and metrics to assess law firm capabilities often turn to Argopoint. Our Law Firm Convergence initiatives have driven meaningful change in some of the world's largest legal departments. 

Legal Process Outsourcing

Legal Process Outsourcing: Objectives

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In order to prevent unnecessarily high costs, Fortune 500 legal departments want to ensure that any outside counsel under contract is operating as efficiently as possible. Maximizing the efficiency of an external law firm requires finding the most cost-effective solutions for the legal work required by a case. In many cases, this involves utilizing Legal Process Outsourcing in order to effectively and reliably reduce the costs of unnecessary functions. Legal Process outsourcing allows the outside counsel to focus their resources on the most important and value-adding tasks related to the casework. 

The most critical case in a corporation, especially a big one, is when everything goes well, when you have accomplished your objectives, when the temptation is to work twice as hard instead of saying, ‘We have accomplished our objectives, we have to think again
— Peter F. Drucker, Leading 20th Century Management Thinker

Legal Process Outsourcing: Overview

Legal Process Outsourcing is a practice employed by many private law firms to cut costs and effectively focus their resources. Legal Process Outsourcing involves sub-contracting another firm to produce work that might be costly or labor-intensive for the private law firm to perform themselves. Instead of spending an attorney or paralegal’s valuable time writing or reviewing generic documents, this task can be outsourced to specialized firm. In the event that this sub-contracted firm, often called a Legal Process Outsourcing provider (LPO provider), is located in a different country from contracting firm, the process is termed “offshoring”. Typically, Legal Process Outsourcing providers perform services like agency work, legal research and writing, drafting of pleadings and briefs, document review, and patent services. This division of labor frees the private law firm from time-consuming processes and allows them to concentrate their energy on high-skill task like face-to-face meetings and actual courtroom proceedings.


Legal Process Outsourcing: Solutions and Savings

Legal Process Outsourcing, when done prudently, benefits the Fortune 500 firm who has contracted the outside counsel because it allows the outside counsel to reduce costs and therefore lower their price. Argopoint’s trusted team of management consultants are available to assist outside counsel with their Legal Process Outsourcing needs. Argopoint’s services include research into the quality and price of potential LPO providers, careful evaluation of the benefits and costs of each firm, and advising on the best path for the external firm under contract. 

Key Questions for Legal Departments Considering Legal Process Outsourcing

1.       What kind of casework is your outside counsel currently performing?

2.       What are the costs associated with outside counsel performing tasks which could be outsourced?

3.       Is there a difference in the quality and price of different Legal Process Outsourcing providers?

4.       How can differences between different firms be quantified so that a decision can be made?