Legal Department Performance Improvement

Legal department practice leaders must identify and implement management best practices that enhance legal department performance.

Practice Group Performance: Enhancing Legal Department Functions

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Practice Group Performance: Objectives    

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Practice areas are the heart of any legal department and their performance determines if the department is successful. With the existence of numerous practice areas, it can be difficult to monitor their performance and spend while legal department leaders are under constant pressure to assure that they are functioning efficiently and at the lowest cost possible.

Practice Group Performance: Overview

We assist practice leaders with identification and implementation of management best practices that enhance legal department performance.

The more knowledge-based an institution becomes, the more it depends on the willingness of individuals to take responsibility for contribution to the whole, for understanding the objectives, the values, the performance of the whole, and for making themselves understood by other professionals, the other knowledge people in the organization.
— Peter F. Drucker, Leading 20th Century Management Thinker

Practice and Performance: Solutions and Savings

Our deep understanding of leading corporate legal management practices enables us to enhance productivity in the delivery of high quality legal services.  For example, we have developed customized tools to enhance the value of legal services delivered:

  • Individual Matter Budgeting Tools
  • Processes for Early Case Assessment
  • Management and Cost Dashboards

Key Questions for Legal Departments Considering Practice Group Performance Enhancement

1. Is there a standardized, company wide strategy in place for the overall legal department that translates to the direct management of practice groups?

2. Is your legal department getting the best possible value from each dollar spent?

3. Do different practice groups work with many different outside counsel firms? Has your legal department ever considered streamlining the firms used?

4. Does your legal department have a standard approach to managing matters and issues across outside counsel firms?