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A Few Words from Jason Winmill, Managing Partner

Thank you for your interest in Argopoint. Based on the confidence of a diverse set of industry-leading corporate clients, I am pleased to share that we find our firm and practice thriving. It has always been Argopoint’s goal to find effective and actionable solutions for our clients and now more than ever, we are intensely focused on this. We find ourselves as the management “adviser of choice” for many prominent general counsels and other corporate legal leaders by providing high-impact, customized and innovative approaches to the current challenges of the corporate legal environment and offering an unwavering commitment to put our clients’ interests before our own.

The current economic environment presents many difficulties and though the landscape is constantly changing, all companies and corporate legal departments must optimize their capabilities and find efficiencies. Since I founded Argopoint, I have learned that when the outlook is not promising, it is up to us to see the opportunity that others cannot.

We recognize that the legal marketplace is constantly changing and we are developing new service offerings for our clients. With a myriad of changes in the legal environment, we are persistent in adapting existing strategies and approaches, while developing new ones to meet our clients’ ever evolving demands.

As part of our long-term plan, we are committed to continuing to grow as a firm, even in this challenging economy. Our clients rely on us for our expertise, and in turn, we can count on their support despite the macro-economic outlook. Today, we work with leading companies in the US and Western Europe and look forward to developing our client base globally to support companies across “Greater” Europe, Asia and beyond. Our expertise adds value independent of geography, and we plan on helping clients on an ever-increasing scale. We are on the path, and remain committed, to making Argopoint a boutique consultancy offering global reach based on a compelling and unique value proposition; offering corporate legal leaders with meaningful management advice and support.

But growth does not come without serious thought and reflection on the future of the industry and individual clients we serve. Corporate legal costs and the ongoing challenges of legal operations are here to stay, but it is our responsibility to analyze trends and use data to predict how we see this industry developing.  Along with our forward-thinking clients, we have the ability and responsibility to contribute and shape how corporate legal departments, and the legal services industry as a whole, move forward.

We are excited to continue to progress and to provide our clients with high quality services that they cannot find elsewhere. This is an exciting time for both Argopoint and our clients; I cannot wait to find out what the future has in store for us.

Best Regards,

Jason Winmill, Partner jason.winmill@argopoint.com 617-742-5334

Jason Winmill, Partner

Leaders in every single institution and in every single sector have two responsibilities. They are responsible and accountable for the performance of their institutions, and that requires them and their institutions to be concentrated, focused, limited. They are responsible also, however, for the community as a whole.
— Peter F. Drucker, Leading 20th Century Management Thinker

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