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In-house counsel leaders are looking for innovative ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their corporate legal departments. 

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High-Impact Legal Benchmarking

Many legal divisions are starved for meaningful comparative data to help assess performance and identify improvement opportunities. We are specialists at designing legal benchmarking studies that yield “decision-grade insights" for legal leadership and delivering recommendations that drive meaningful change within the legal function.

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Legal Department Operations Management

Legal Department Strategic Planning and Organizational Design

We work closely with clients to identify strategic priorities and to organize resources effectively. We can support these planning efforts with internal and external surveys as well as management meeting/offsite facilitation. Our clients are left with a clear understanding of both short- and long-term objectives, as well as a clearly defined pathway to achieving them.

Outside Counsel Rationalization (OCR) 

Outside counsel firms are integral to the successful legal efforts of high-performing in-house departments. We design and implement management processes that deliver higher quality outside counsel services at significantly lower costs (clients can typically save 5-15%, and up to 30-40% in some practice areas). We are also knowledgeable about implementing effective alternative fee arrangements. 

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Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing.
— Peter F. Drucker, Leading 20th Century Management Thinker

Competitive Law Firm Event

Faced with mounting cost pressures, in-house counsel leaders are looking for innovative ways to improve the efficiency of their corporate legal departments. Though there is no “silver bullet” for this challenge, a competitive law firm event (such as a reverse auction) can drive down legal service expenses by providing clients with a realistic assessment of fees upfront. We have developed and assisted in the implementation of legal auctions by equipping clients with customized competitive bidding frameworks, processes, models and training. While we recognize that the least expensive firm is not always the right option, our recommendations enable clients to procure the most appropriate outside counsel at significantly reduced costs.

Alternative Firm Research

Often legal departments want to make valid comparisons of their current outside counsel firms against alternatives that can provide comparable service. Argopoint has developed a process of identifying high-quality outside counsel firms that can offer significant savings, thus providing a list of qualified options for in-house counsel to assess and consider. 

Practice Group Performance Enhancement

We assist practice leaders with identification and implementation of management best practices that enhance legal group performance.  Our deep understanding of leading corporate legal management practices enables us to enhance productivity in the delivery of high-quality legal services.  For example, we have developed matter budgeting tools and early case assessment processes that have been effective in improving both legal results and cost effectiveness.   

Statistical Analysis

Statistical analysis and methods can bring order to even the most complex matters and problems. With its constantly changing dynamics, the legal environment may seem like an area where it is difficult to quantify activities and results. However, Argopoint has experience doing just that. Using sophisticated techniques (i.e. multivariable regressions, predictive technology, etc.) we quantitatively analyze legal data and provide meaningful insights supported by rigorous calculations.

Merger Integration Support for Corporate Legal Groups

Corporate mergers and acquisitions demand that senior legal executives be adept at integrating large, diverse legal organizations.  We have legal group integration experience and can help during both pre- and post-merger periods.  Our support helps our clients capture synergies and savings more quickly while minimizing the impact on “mission critical” day-to-day activities of the in-house legal organization.  

Change Management

Managers and leaders often recognize the need for change and the desired “end-state," but transitioning a company’s people, systems and methodology can often prove to be a challenge. We recognize that traditional change management techniques do not work in the legal services environment where employees are highly trained and highly skilled senior professionals. At Argopoint, we bring a proven, sophisticated change management approach to the corporate legal space.

Technology Assessment

Technology can play a supporting, but highly important, role within corporate legal departments.  Argopoint evaluates clients’ real needs in order to identify the most appropriate solutions.  We do not sell technology nor are we aligned with any vendors, ensuring our ability to offer objective, unbiased advice – a rarity in today’s crowded technology marketplace.

Workshops and Training

Workshops can serve to bring a company’s professionals together to collaborate on everything from brainstorming on a particularly difficult project to re-evaluating an organization’s most vexing issues. Effective workshop management can make all the difference between a successful experience and one that falls flat for the participants. Argopoint’s professionals are skilled in workshop facilitation and take the opportunity to join our clients in applying the core components of our approach to a focused and customized agenda.

Ancillary Services Sourcing

Ancillary (non-law firm) legal services (e.g., court reporting, records collection, trial graphics, document services, etc.) represent a significant and increasing cost for most corporate legal departments. Traditionally, in-house counsel has relied on outside counsel to select and manage these ancillary service providers. Since these costs are often treated as “pass-through” and outside counsel has little direct incentive to manage them optimally, this area represents an important opportunity to increase transparency, improve quality and significantly reduce costs (clients typically save 15-25%). We can assist with initiatives to optimize the use of these services, often through the establishment of preferred provider programs or other models.

Strategic Sourcing

Particularly in the current economy, corporate legal departments must keep costs down and maintain quality services that meet the expectations of all practice areas, professionals and in-house clients. Argopoint advises clients with strategic sourcing initiatives and can provide significant implementation support.

Outside Counsel Request For Proposal (RFP)

Demonstrating Legal Value To Corporate

The hallmark of the Argopoint Process is that we view each client and engagement with a fresh perspective and do not offer pre-packaged solutions.  Our approach focuses on understanding the particular and specific challenges faced by our clients and developing customized, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.